ASCLU Senate allocates thousands to projects, clubs

Zeyma Martinez, Reporter

On Monday, Oct. 12, Associated Students of California Lutheran University Senate had their weekly meeting via Zoom where they discussed ongoing projects, voted on club funding and gave updates about upcoming projects.

Upcoming events include:

  • The Center for Cultural Engagement and Inclusion patio remodel is currently underway and will include a canopy with lights, said Melinda Roper, vice president for Student Affairs.
  • Pilates in the Park is Oct. 14, Cambria Teter Kolter said. If students would like to participate in person, they can RSVP via with Ryan Kolter at [email protected] or watch the livestream at home on Instagram @clustudentlife.
  • There is a homecoming giveaway in the form of a scavenger hunt, now live on Student Life’s Instagram.
  • This Thursday, there will be an improv show via Zoom, featuring Senate Director Garrett James Wyatt.
  • Any students wishing to participate in a student focus group regarding their experience with online classes this semester can contact ASCLU President Josh Gatison at [email protected].

The following allocations were approved:

  • $200 for Kingsmen E-Sports to set up a Discord and get a logo designed.
  • $250 for ACS Chemistry Club to cover fees for American Chemical Society registration.
  • $300.06 for the Music Production Club’s budget to help pay for guest speakers to attend Zoom meetings with the club.
  • Suvee Ranasinghe, senior senator, was allocated $4,364.06 for outdoor furniture for the new Swenson Science Center as part of her Senate Project. The furniture includes 16 yellow chairs and four gray tables, which come with warranties, and reinstalling the purple and yellow benches that were removed from the spine during construction for the Swenson Science Center. No umbrellas will be ordered because Swenson Center offers a lot of shade.
  • Junior Senator David Bryant was allocated $12,280 for his Senate Project, adding lights down the side of Chapel Lane/Memorial Field. The same lights that are currently installed behind the library will be used to maintain a uniform look.

The following projects are underway:

  • Adding charging stations or solar powered outlet stations for students to work in outdoor spaces on campus while their electronics are charging.
  • Because the Community Cupboard mostly offers snacks, senators are looking into providing more substantial meals and potentially asking for donations from local grocery stores.
  • Junior Senator Maya Fleming and Sophomore Senator Zaria Opara are working on finding student transportation either to local grocery stores or to the airport.
  • Opara also wants to add microwaves to all upper-class dorms.
  • Senior Senator Karyme Lara Chagoya is looking into the possibility of adding lights at the outdoor seating area on the side of the Samuelson Chapel, as well as adding seating by the labyrinth.

If students have any ideas of other projects they would like to see, they can reach out to any of the senators.