Tests reveal 10 more COVID cases following off-campus gathering

Isabella Breda, Editor in Chief

California Lutheran University has now reported 25 COVID-19 cases among students living both on and off campus following an off-campus gathering on Nov. 7.

“We appreciate students being honest and cooperating,” Karin Grennan, media relations manager said in a Zoom interview. “It’s so critical that we are able to do the contact tracing and really appreciate the cooperation.”

Grennan said 12 of the 25 students who have tested positive may have been contagious while on campus. Nine of those students live on campus.

According to the university website, there is a total of 17 rooms that can be used to isolate residential students andย 33 rooms that can be used for quarantine. Some students may quarantine in their own room.

Those who have tested positive for the virus are placed in isolation–using a separate bedroom and bathroom from roommates–while those who have been exposed are asked to quarantine–or limit their movement within their home and avoid contact with roommates.

After Health Services was notified of the first case last week, the university began performing contact tracing. The university tested nearly 400 people on Nov. 15 and 17 in order to identify any possible spread, according to a Nov. 19 email from President Lori Varlotta.

The university trained ten employees, including two from Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, to conduct contact tracing during the fall 2020 semester.

“Given the weight of their current workload, please be aware that health [services] staff will likely not have the time to directly contact the hundreds who have tested negative,” Varlotta said in a Nov. 20 email to Cal Lutheran students’ parents.