Faculty to be included in next tier of COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Mollie Haughawout, Reporter

Ventura County has initiated phase 1b of COVID-19 vaccinations, beginning with those 65 years old or older. The education sector included in phase 1b now includes university employees, meaning faculty and staff at California Lutheran University can begin signing up for appointments when vaccine doses become available.

“I hope, but obviously do not know for certain, that all Cal Lutheran staff and faculty can get vaccinated soon, but more likely [it] will be after February. At this time, it depends on vaccine availability that the county receives,” Kerri Lauchner, director of Health Services, said in an email interview. “Educators, including university employees, are in [phase] 1b. Ventura County just started offering that COVID vaccine to those 65 years and older, which is the first part of [phase] 1b.”

Lauchner also said that while faculty members will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations, it is not mandatory to receive a vaccination to begin teaching in person.

“We have now opened appointments to those who are 65 or older and [they] must live or work in Ventura County,” said a spokesman on the Public Information Officer hotline for Ventura County. He also said Ventura County is allocated vaccine doses once a week from the state.

According to the Ventura County Recovers website, phase 1b also includes the food and agriculture, emergency services, and childcare sectors.

All of the most up-to-date information on the vaccine rollout and directions on how to sign up for a vaccination is available at the Ventura County Recovers website