New Chief of Staff to strengthen internal and external university communication


Photo Contributed by Angela Fentiman

Former Adjunct Professor Angela Fentiman will be filing the university’s newly created chief of staff role.

Madisyn Morin, Reporter

Angela Fentiman will officially transition into her new role as California Lutheran University’s first Chief of Staff at the end of the spring 2021 semester. Along with her new job, she will also be supervising the University Relations team.

“Since it is difficult for the president to give her full attention to the simultaneously competing priorities, the Chief of Staff often will serve as an official representative of the Office of the President to engage with a number of Cal Lutheran’s off-campus constituent groups, while also supporting the Office of the President on campus,” Regina Biddings-Muro, vice president of University Advancement, said in an email interview.

Biddings-Muro said Fentiman’s perspectives will be a great asset to Cal Lutheran and as the university evolves, she will play a critical role in providing clear internal and external university communications.

Fentiman previously served as an adjunct faculty member in the communication department at Cal Lutheran on and off since 2011. Fentiman said she will be focused on providing consistent communication and a big part of the job will include listening to everyone on campus.

“Just continuing to work with everyone at the university to make sure that we’re on the same page and that we are all aligned with the goals of the university,” Fentiman said in a Zoom interview.

Both Fentiman and Tom Hoener, the associate vice president for Enrollment Management, said consistent communication within the entire university community is a key factor of this new position.

Hoener will help Fentiman with her position as chief of staff while she is still getting to know the job. He said he’s hoping to create a seamless transition process by easing Fentiman in.

“I think it will create more clarity, because I think that’s what everyone wants,” Hoener said in a phone interview. “Which I think will be good for the brand and the university.”

Hoener said that as the new Chief of Staff, Fentiman will become a liaison between the staff and the president.

“It’s good [for the university] to be like ‘what are we about’ and ‘what do we hope to do,’” Hoener said. “Communication for me is all about clarity.”

Hoener said as this position grows he hopes it creates clarity, gives the faculty and students at Cal Lutheran a sense of direction and makes sure the university community knows the messages given are authentic.

As a Cal Lutheran alumna, Fentiman said she was ecstatic when she learned that she got this job and could continue to help the school grow stronger as a whole. Fentiman thinks Cal Lutheran has great opportunities going forward and is excited to be a part of it.

“There are so many great people here that are doing really great work,” Fentiman said. “I was excited to continue to be a part of that and be able to offer my background and expertise in a way that can be valuable to the university.”