New center in Alumni Hall aims to ‘support transfer students’


Photo by Emilee Fine- Reporter

The Transfer Center located in Alumni Hall was constructed with the help of a Title V HSI grant.

Emilee Fine, Reporter

California Lutheran University has opened the new Transfer Center that is housed in Alumni Hall, which is located across from The Habit. Through Project CHESS, there was a Title V grant that helped fund the construction of the Transfer Center. 

Associate Director of Admission David Rowe said in a phone interview that the Transfer Center is a space on campus designed to welcome prospective transfer students, current transfer students and is also used by other collaborative partnerships. 

“Prospective or continuing transfer students have questions that they are not always sure where should be directed. So having a Transfer Center is a great singular place that can be used as a launching point for students getting the resources that they need,” Rowe said. 

Rowe said that transfer students will have a space where they can meet with counselors who have a lot of information to make their admission and articulation process smooth, while connecting them to other resources on campus. 

“This fall is the first time that students are able to access the space. We showcased it at New Student Orientation for the transfer students and we were able to welcome them in the space,” Rowe said. 

Rowe said since opening they have seen a number of students come in and talk to different team members at the Transfer Center. 

“We are getting ready to launch our transfer Fridays where prospective transfer students are able to visit the space and meet with counselors. We want to create a campus culture that supports transfer students,” Rowe said. 

Rowe said that the mentorship that comes from Project CHESS is something that Cal Lutheran wants to model in their program.

Project CHESS Program Director Silvia Neves said in a phone interview that Cal Lutheran was awarded the Title V grant because they are a Hispanic Serving Institution. 

“The first Project CHESS Director was involved in the designing, planning, and how the space was going to be used,” Neves said. 

Neves said that the building was complete but lacking in life so they are currently establishing different resources they can provide students with to make use of the Transfer Center. Examples of those resources are computers, printers, a place to keep belongings, etc. 

“Project CHESS is in the process of hiring a new counselor that is going to be working with the transfer students to provide academic support in terms of scheduling and will be involved in creating activities in the Transfer Center for the transferring students,” Neves said. 

Neves said that they want to create a Transfer Club on campus and invite the transferring students to join the club which will be housed in the Transfer Center. 

Early Outreach Coordinator Destiny Lewis said in a phone interview that the Transfer Center is an upgrade that Cal Lutheran received through the Project CHESS Grant and acts as a safe space and a hub for transfer students. 

“It has been advertised to transfer students as a place that they can come in between classes, if they need to print, or need a space to hang out,” Lewis said.

Lewis said that the Transfer Center will be an additional resource for transfer students to make sure that they feel like they fit and to know that there is a space on campus designed just for them.