Gallery: Activism Creations provides outlet for advocates

Lauren DeRosa, Reporter

On Saturday, Nov. 6th, California Lutheran University’s Student Life’s Community Service Center (CSC) hosted Activism Creations, an event for all students to come and “advocate for a cause/organization  you are passionate about,” according to their flyer that was distributed across campus. The event was held on the spine, the main walkway that runs down the center of the campus. CSC Intern Melissa Dennin, the main event coordinator, said that this is the second year Student Life has hosted this event. Last year, the event was held during the spring semester to encourage unity on campus. After a year of social distancing, as well as the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter protests across the nation, Dennin was inspired to allow students to use art as a medium for inclusion. The turnout this year was much bigger than last year with approximately 30 participants, due to the amount of students on campus this semester. 

“I hope that this will spark some conversations and…appreciation for how powerful art can be and how it can be used as a force of change for good,” Dennin said.