Sodexo offers incentives for student workers


Photo by Emma Cohen - Reporter

The habit is among one of the businesses on campus to offer incentives for student workers.

Emma Cohen, Reporter

Sodexo, the company that is hired for all food establishments on the California Lutheran University campus, is currently offering paid incentives for new workers on campus. For baristas at Starbucks, they offer an incentive of $500 which will be paid in increments of $250 in February and May. For cooks, there is an incentive of $1,000 that will be paid in increments of $250 every 30 days. 

The incentives will be paid throughout the semester and will be fully provided before the end of the spring semester. 

Some of the positions require experience; therefore, the incentives may be higher,” General Manager Patricia Yantzer said in an email interview.

Sodexo initially offered incentives in the fall of 2021 when they reopened their services on campus. The amount of workers and the ability to hire staff was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Yantzer said COVID-19 continues to be a challenge and that there are various reasons which influenced the hiring of workers, such as people switching occupations or needing to stay home to take care of children. 

As well as being provided with meals during the work shifts, Yantzer said the schedules are flexible, and time off can be given for school breaks. In addition to payment incentives, Yantzer also said there are benefits for first-years.

“If you take a job with us as a freshman, you are guaranteed a position when you return to campus after spring semester ends,” Yantzer said.

Additionally, campus work hours for the summer will be available for those interested. 

It’s a great way to encourage our student population to make some extra cash and to learn some valuable life lessons in the workplace,” Don Matutina, retail operations manager for The Habit Burger Grill and Jamba Juice, said in an email interview.

Associate Vice President of Planning and Services Ryan Van Ommeren said it would be a great opportunity to utilize Sodexo’s offer of incentives for one of their positions. 

Clinton Oie, director of Auxiliaries, said in an email interview that 83 students have been hired since the initial incentives offer, and 68 of those students are still currently working on campus this spring semester.

According to Oie, along with schedule flexibility, getting to walk to work, and earning additional money, there are other benefits provided from working on campus.

“Working on campus can definitely expand your social network and give you from-the-ground-up skills, including learning to deal with co-workers and balancing life/work; I think the financial incentive makes this opportunity even more appealing,” Oie said.

There were 57 applications received in the fall semester, and 26 applications so far in the spring semester.

“We would love to increase hours and days of operation at The Habit Burger Grill and at Starbucks, but we need the personnel to be able to accomplish that,” Oie said. 

Oie said that the paid incentives offer will likely last until the necessary positions are full. 

According to Sodexo’s job listings for Cal Lutheran, current opportunities include a cashier/food service worker at The Habit Burger Grill, a dining room attendant, a utility worker, a cook, and a front of house supervisor. It is also noted that each listing may stand for several openings. 

The job posting for a barista at Starbucks can be found through one’s created account on, and the last update stated that they are accepting applications this semester until April 14, 2022. 

For more information or questions regarding Sodexo incentives, Oie recommends reaching out to Matutina at [email protected].