Annual drive is pumpkin to talk about


Photos by Ysabella Gonzalez

California Lutheran University held its annual Pumpkin Drive hosted by the Student Philanthropy Council on Tuesday, Oct. 25, to raise money for the university.

Ysabella Gonzalez, Reporter

California Lutheran University held its Annual Pumpkin Drive at Jack’s Corner on Tuesday, Oct. 25. The event was hosted by the Student Philanthropy Council. 

“I think a lot of people don’t really know what Student Philanthropy Council is, so we try to educate people on how they can give back and leave their legacy at Cal Lu while they’re still here as a student,” Annual Giving Coordinator for University Advancement Christina Whyt said. 

According to Whyt, students’ class gifts and contributions go to student scholarships and “greatest need,” and 97% of students at Cal Lutheran also receive financial aid and/or scholarships.

The Pumpkin Drive is just one of the many events that the Student Philanthropy Council does throughout the year, giving fun and free events to students who gave.

“I work with our students to basically come up with events that they want to do and then we had a generous donor…donate a hundred pumpkins to us, so it’s been great,” Whyt said.

Events aren’t just for seniors, though. Juniors, sophomores and first-years are welcome to pay a different price, depending on their year, to partake in these events as well. Seniors have to pay a one-time purchase of $20.23.