The social justice altars of Día de los Muertos

Eleanor Chan, Reporter

Every year a variety of clubs on campus make altars for Día de los Muertos. These altars represent different social justice issues across the United States and honor those who were lost too soon to violence.

Evette Anguiano was one of the staff members that helped oversee the altars and the topics chosen by clubs.

“Ultimately, it is about honoring the dead, so giving people the opportunity to perhaps even put their own displays of family members or their own friends and not one taking more attention than the other,” Anguiano said. “I also want the students to feel that they can honor their loved ones.”

Senior Kaihya Thomas, student program coordinator for the Center for Equality and Justice and president of Black Student Union, was in charge of coordinating the social justice altars.

“The hard work that went into researching the people’s names and the stories showed the passion,” Thomas said.