The installation of the Rev. Scott Hamilton Adams

Olivia Madera, Reporter

Every fall, California Lutheran University presents the Founders Day Convocation in orderto come together and celebrate the founding and mission of the university.

The Rev Scott Hamilton Adams was installed as Cal Lutheran’s new university founder on Friday, Oct. 28, in Samuelson Chapel and was sponsored by The Office of Mission and Identity.

All were welcome to attend as the university installed the Board of Regents and commissioned the convocation, which is a link between the university chapel and the community.

Cal Lutheran’s choir performed at the installation, and there were greetings from the African Descent Lutheran Association and a message of hope from The Rev Maurice Wallace.

“I’m going to give you everything that I have, I’m going to love you as hard as I can, the only thing that I ask for you in return is the same,” Adams said.

A reception was held at the President’s Patio after the event in honor of the installation.