World Fair brings cultures from all around to Cal Lutheran

Ashley Cope, Reporter


The Center for Global Engagement and United Students of the World hosted the World Fair to bring together international students and different cultures during International Education Week. 

Assistant Director for the CGE Lara Raynaud said The Department of State and Department of Education organize International Education Week nationally, and it takes place every third week of November.

“We had a little bit of difficulties, we were planning on doing it outside but we had some issues with fitting tables and then we found out about the wind being up to 75 miles per hour, so me and Lara planned last minute, 24 hours before the event, and came in and used our own legs to measure out where the tables could be inside,” said Alyssa Fellows, who works under Raynaud in the CGE. 

This year the World Fair hosted 21 different tables inside the Student Union, including a mix of international students and staff tables, global departments and clubs. 

The Department of Language and Cultures, Sister Circle, Latin American Student Organization, Together We Dream and Office of International Students and Scholars are some of the clubs and organizations in attendance at this event. 

“[It’s] always on the Wednesday of the week on International Week, so it is kinda the biggest event of it to showcase and promote our diversity and all our international students as well,” Raynaud said. 

This event also served catered Thai food from Bangkok Avenue, Kabab Plus Mediterranean Fusion Grill and Salvadorian food from La Carreta.