ASCLUG allocates funds to clubs for student events

Sammy Fahn, Reporter

In an Associated Students California Lutheran University Senate meeting, the senators voted on allocations of funds to the African Student Association, CLU Hockey and PRIDE Club for the clubs and their upcoming events. 

During the meeting on March 13, Secretary Ninelihle Dube, Treasurer Rebekah Afulike and Vice President Elul Nedi of the ASA attended to talk about their roles and the financial direction they were looking to take, which included allocating money toward an upcoming ASA event. 

Dube, Afulike and Nedi said they hope to plan a wellness retreat at an African self-care and wellness store followed by lunch in Woodland Hills, proposing to allocate $5,535 for the event and the club itself.

During the ASA’s presentation to the senate, Nedi said that this store offers African-style massages and resources for wellness and care. Afulike said that the idea is to provide a peaceful and stress-relieving spa-like experience of African culture before enjoying an inexpensive lunch.

Senior Senator Nate Swanson moved to amend the bill to read $4,090, which was seconded by senior Senator Jerry Tovar. Tovar said that he liked the number because it seemed fair amongst the students in general. The vote by the senators resulted in a unanimous 16-0 passage of the proposal.

CLU Kingsmen Ice Hockey Club President Blake Hanlon proposed an allocation of $1,475 for two events run by the club, those being a banquet and a free skating night. Based on what the senate had to offer for each club, they reached an agreement of allocating exactly $1,400 to the club, which received a unanimous vote among the senators. 

Dylan Gallagher, PRIDE Club co-president, presented the club’s plan to allocate $1,517 for a speaker event, the annual drag show and pride t-shirts. In a unanimous vote, initially moved by senior Senator Brandon Reese Castro, the ASCLU Senate moved to allocate the requested amount to PRIDE Club for the academic year.

Tovar said that the allocations from Cal Lutheran should allow for students to have a good time, and he believes it is crucial that the students are happy, first and foremost, and that the budget of the university is balanced in order to find equity amongst everyone at the university.