New Title IX Coordinator Jill Moffitt has a ‘wealth of Title IX experience’

Aimee Barrera, Reporter

California Lutheran University has hired a new Title IX Coordinator, Jill Moffitt.

As the Title IX Coordinator, Moffit said in an email interview that she will be responsible for “ensuring that equal access to programs and activities offered by the college do not discriminate on the basis of sex [and] addressing allegations of sexual misconduct that are prohibited by the Title IX – Final Rule Federal Regulations.” 

Moffitt began her higher education at New Mexico State University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, went on to achieve her master’s in sports management at Ball State University and completed her education doing doctoral work in leadership, higher education and policy at the University of Vermont.

Moffitt has served as a Title IX Coordinator for 11 of her 22 years in higher education at the University of North Carolina in Asheville.

During her time there she “[S]uccessfully resolved more than 500 sexual misconduct cases with a recidivism rate of just 2%, investigated issues of sexual misconduct… and modernized the protocols and procedures of the Title IX Office” according to the Grand River Solutions webpage, the last company she served before coming to Cal Lutheran.

Chris Paul, deputy title IX coordinator, said in an email interview that Moffitt started in her new position on Aug. 15. 

“The Title IX Coordinator position was never vacant and cannot be vacant. We are obligated by federal law to always have a Title IX Coordinator,” Paul said. 

According to Cal Lutheran’s Title IX FAQ webpage, the policy was created to be a federal law to “define and ensure equality in education,” for students and employees of educational institutions under subjects such as stalking, domestic violence, non-consensual sexual acts and unwelcome conduct.

Educational institutions recieving federal funding are covered under this federal law and is enforced by the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. 

Moffitt said that she strives to make sure the Cal Lutheran community is well served. 

“I also strive to make sure that students and employees who need support, resources, or resolution options for addressing discrimmination on the basis of sex are served well when they feel brave enough to come forward,”  Moffitt said.

Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Melinda Roper said in an email interview that she is “so pleased to have [Moffitt] on board,” because of her wealth of Title IX experience. 

Moffitt plans on adjusting to Cal Lutheran by getting to know the campus community and the culture because that will help her adjust to the role.

“The biggest challenge in doing this work is always getting to know a campus community, learning the student culture, and managing expectations about the role of Title IX. I think with time those elements of this work will also feel more comfortable, but right now I am still learning about Cal Lutheran,” Moffitt said.