Her Campus and other clubs empower women on campus

Amanda Janssen, Reporter

Featuring a trivia game called “Bra Pong” and giveaways that encouraged students to get involved with the Her Campus magazine, California Lutheran University’s chapter of Her Campus, during their International Women’s Day event, and other clubs spoke about the importance of women’s empowerment. Male attendees were encouraged to take a picture with a sign that read “Men of quality respect women’s equality” to involve all students in this event and to show that women’s activism does not just involve women.

“All the different clubs on campus, a lot of them here are women-run, and all of the different, diverse clubs that we have here and just celebrating women in general for this month—that’s what this event is all about,” Her Campus co-Chapter Leader Simran Pimenta said.

Tabia FSM, co-chapter leader of Her Campus, said that the main purpose of this event is to bring all of the clubs together and show the strength of women’s empowerment.

Nektaria Anagnostou, the president of CLU GOP, said women have an influential role and can be a part of politics.

“They can use their voice and vote to better our country. And we want to give a voice to specifically republican women,” Anagnostou said.

Marina Karapetian, a representative of the History Club, spoke to attendees about the second wave of feminism.

“Throughout history, women have been demeaned and demoralized and it’s time that we take that power back because we are fighting for our equality and freedom to this day. So it’s really important that we’re out here,” Karapetian said.

CLU Weights for Babes, a weightlifting club for women and the LGBTQ+ community, handed out flowers and encouraging messages to attendees to promote a judgment-free and encouraging community, just as they do in the gym.

“There hasn’t been much awareness brought to this topic and that’s what I plan to do. I plan to make women and other members of the community feel comfortable in the gym,” Martha Juarez, representative of CLU Weights for Babes, said.